Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dream Crow Shadow Translyrics

Another beautiful kous song.  Happy Halloween!

 Dream Crow Shadow
Original Singer: Hatsune Miku
Music/Lyrics: kous
Translation reference: Tatenia

Blurred so I can barely see
A murder of crows is calling me
This vertigo
I know, I know, I know

This convoluted dream
Laughing shadows
Are not what they seem
Don’t let it show
Let go, let go, let go

The shadow of the rusted moon haunts me
Is this the end of your long journey?
Is it all what you expected it to be?
All that you wanted to see?

How long will this last I wonder
Is it like the past? You thunder
A voice without a mouth now streams
Through this broken dream

Why am I here?
When you are not near
No answer’s clear
These tears, these tears, these tears

Laughing you beam
You’re as fake as you seem
What can it mean?
This dream, this dream, this dream

Now with this glance la la la
Now let's dance

Now that the crows all fly away
Tomorrow like any other day
In this world where the dream’s made
I’ll still wait

How long are can we cry?
Our eyes won’t ever be dry
But we can still try
In this dream of mine.

If you were here
With me so near
It’d all be clear
My dear, my dear, my dear

Now I can see
This kindness
envelops me
Now can you be
With me? With me? With me?

Now with this glance la la la
Now let's dance

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paranoia Translyrics

I love mezame-p he's definitely one of my favorite vocaloid producers...if not my favorite.  He makes miku sound so smooth...unfortunately these lyrics probably don't stand up to his greatness...-_-
Edit: I decided to re-do some parts of the lyrics, there were parts where the syllables didn't match up and weird parts so I decided to make them better and now I can say with all honesty that I'm proud of these lyrics :)  Translyrics are hard but now I have more experience with them so it gets easier.  

Hatsune Miku- Paranoia
Song& Lyrics: Mezame-P
Eng Translation EtoCetera

In a corner of the globe
A voice and a shredded heart wallows
Why do words raining down feel so hollow?
It’s shallow, but I

Fell in love with you but it was too late, your lies and
The hate, The hate, The hate, The hate
The hate, I cannot create

Goodbye, I don’t want to see your eyes
They would only make me realize
We cannot be, so turn your back on me

With loneliness always comes this pain
In the night sky a light begins to wane
Despair remains, but hope I can’t maintain

Farewell to you, goodnight to me, my heart is sinking so deep
If only you would melt with me into the silent, starry sea

From this nightmare I can’t wake up!
Your warmth isn’t enough
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts
It hurts, this pain I cannot avert

The dirty fragments of this scar
Become a sparkling, shining star
I’ll meet you in the sky, so au revior

With loneliness always comes this pain
Trying to get your attention all in vain
Since the day we met, it’s stayed the same

Dreams, and voices went and came
I’ve been here until today
Your words, even your name
Dissolve and float away

In exchange for these last few tears
Since I’m about to break, it’s pretty clear
Smile please, and don’t look back at me

I will sleep here for eternity
Dreaming of the day we first met, wistfully
Farewell, I sigh and close my eyes

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaaaaaaaa, la, laaaaaaaaaaa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Bouquet Translyrics

A nice, tame, slow song.  Miku looks absolutely beautiful in the pv check it out. 

Music: Doriko
Bluesakuratube: English translation reference
This world is circling like the hands of a clock
The bell is ringing, from inside this sepia scene
Outside the window, the sky doesn’t talk
From here I wonder: Am I existing?
Please, won’t someone answer me
All alone, still living in this lonely place,
A world I wish to embrace, it’s still unknown

All these colors begin to bleed
As you forget me and leave
In this eternity, I call out, my last and final words
So my goodbye will be heard

Someday, I’ll finally escape
As the sun falls, my name you’ll call
But I’ll be too far away, among the dying rays
With each passing day there’s something we all seem to miss
If we realize it will our lives be full of happiness?
In this maze I run through, I reach out to touch you
These warm tears….
…will remain for years
With all my fears…
Whether I’m alone, or longing for a place unknown
Tomorrow will be the same, this empty room will not change
Now you’re gone, you’ve left with all the keys
Goodbye to my fantasies
These beautiful colors in my hands overflow and overlay
wishes and desires weave into a small bouquet
If I were to disappear please let them remain…
…where I left them the same.
On the window where I kept my memories
The blue sky that spoke to me
A single petal bids farewell to today
And vanishes into yesterday 

Le Rouge est Amour Translyrics

Song Title: Le Rouge est Amour (The red is love)
Music and lyrics by natsuP
Guitar & Drums & Mix by haku
Arranged by natsuP & haku
Illustrations and video by (Haruaki)
Singer: Gakupo V3

English lyrics translated by blacksaingrain, EvieSkye

Natsu-P + Gackpo= Amazingness!  Yeah didn't really know what to do with some parts...neh.....

By a tranquil lake shore
There’s an old fantastic structure
Robed in gorgeous clothes, I sigh
Gazing outside with empty eyes

I live on my own terms, making people obey me
I embrace a different woman every night, driving myself crazy

The sky is brimming with sorrows
Allowing only desire
Forgetting love
Time slowly flows from today to tomorrow
a moment of pleasure just disappears
Bringing only tears

Like a cold marionette
You look at me sorrowfully yet
Wearing a beautiful mask to hide
so nobody will know how I feel inside

Your movements entrance,
as you elegantly dance
To prevent anyone from touching your skin
I lead you into a miniature garden

The pain in my heart makes me yearn
with a passion that may turn
fate and future
Even as I cease bleeding blood so impure
I’ll sleep with the earth as my bed
stained bright scarlet red

The sacred light, a holy fire blazing bright

The sky is brimming with sorrows
Allowing only desire
Forgetting love
Time slowly flows from today to tomorrow
I pull you into my arms with this knowledge
Don't forget our eternal promise