Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blessed Child Translyrics

In case you don't know IA is my favorite vocaloid ever!  I just love her design and her voice!  Also I feel like she can be used in a lot of genres successfully.  This song is very beautiful and the meaning is so heart-wrenching/warming

Blessed child
Originally Sung by: IA
Music and Lyrics: Peperon-P
English Translation: UsopoNe

The blessed child
Free and wild
flies away, I’ll stay
Here, I’ll wait

Days pass as I try to escape
To surpass the walls I had made
my heart’s true desires must
have been locked up

Waiting for the hero of this fairy-tale story
The way this could end varies
Yet our tale continues to thrive
Since you’re still alive

My beating heart, calls you here
but my feelings, hide in fear
I pray, for that day, always for you
Time passes by, you try, but you forget
I soar, more and more, through my memory
Please come to me

Days wane and in vain
I manage to become free of my chains
I only want to find something that was mine

As the hero of this fairy tale story
I know I’ll never get my happy ending
I guess we should say goodbye
So spread your wings and fly!

A drop of rain, falling, ripples this scene
this beauty I see, assuring me,
this world can be, happy
Please protect, my home, although, you
Can’t see, me clearly, I remain, un-changed,
In this world that stays the same.
The morning you left
There was a silhouette
I still don’t know where he’ll go

The blessed child
Free and wild
flies away, I’ll stay,
I’ll wait,

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