Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bouquet Translyrics

A nice, tame, slow song.  Miku looks absolutely beautiful in the pv check it out. 

Music: Doriko
Bluesakuratube: English translation reference
This world is circling like the hands of a clock
The bell is ringing, from inside this sepia scene
Outside the window, the sky doesn’t talk
From here I wonder: Am I existing?
Please, won’t someone answer me
All alone, still living in this lonely place,
A world I wish to embrace, it’s still unknown

All these colors begin to bleed
As you forget me and leave
In this eternity, I call out, my last and final words
So my goodbye will be heard

Someday, I’ll finally escape
As the sun falls, my name you’ll call
But I’ll be too far away, among the dying rays
With each passing day there’s something we all seem to miss
If we realize it will our lives be full of happiness?
In this maze I run through, I reach out to touch you
These warm tears….
…will remain for years
With all my fears…
Whether I’m alone, or longing for a place unknown
Tomorrow will be the same, this empty room will not change
Now you’re gone, you’ve left with all the keys
Goodbye to my fantasies
These beautiful colors in my hands overflow and overlay
wishes and desires weave into a small bouquet
If I were to disappear please let them remain…
…where I left them the same.
On the window where I kept my memories
The blue sky that spoke to me
A single petal bids farewell to today
And vanishes into yesterday 

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