Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deep-Sea Girl Translyrics

Deep-Sea Girl
Original Singer: Hatsune Miku
Lyrics/Music: Yuuyu
Reference Translation: vgperson

I decided to re-write some parts, hehe I didn't really get what this song was about before I wrote these...I dunno I like them better now...don't mind any random editing that may go on :)

In a sea of misery, hopelessness surrounds me, I can't even bear to breathe
Here I'll be, falling endlessly, won't anyone come and find me?

Where am I going? What should I to do? Suddenly, a beam of light shines through
I reach out my hand and it seems to stay, but the suddenly waves roll and carry it away

"What could that be?" so warm and inviting, could it be the light I've been seeking?
That momentary counter illumination took me by surprise... I guess it was all just lies

The deep-sea girl, in a sinking cold world
Locked away in a world so dark and unknown
The deep-sea girl, yet she yearns to know,
She's found the one who captivates her heart and soul

Even in this place with no nights or noons, sleepless nights continue
With your wings spread wide you looked so free, you were beautiful as you swam beyond me
The light poured down again, dazzling in my eyes
You look at me but can you see what I hide? then I realized my heart was full of lies...

The deep-sea girl, sinking by my will,
Blushing in the midst of darkness still
This deep-sea girl, who will bare her heart...
In this black sea I still don’t have the courage to start...

My clothes feel so dirty, my smile twisted so painfully
Do I look like I want to get along with anybody? Just leave me all alone!

My feelings overflowed but I couldn't speak,
The next moment, you vanished so suddenly

The uneasy girl, she started hurrying
He was alone in the dark, hiding
The un-free girl, she reached for him stretching
"See, the colors you've been hiding are shining."

The deep-sea girl, pulled up by a force,
Sings a blessing of marine snow
The deep-sea girl, she wants to know,
She's found  the one who captivates her heart and soul

Leave this sea, and now, fly away with me...

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