Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dream Crow Shadow Translyrics

Another beautiful kous song.  Happy Halloween!

 Dream Crow Shadow
Original Singer: Hatsune Miku
Music/Lyrics: kous
Translation reference: Tatenia

Blurred so I can barely see
A murder of crows is calling me
This vertigo
I know, I know, I know

This convoluted dream
Laughing shadows
Are not what they seem
Don’t let it show
Let go, let go, let go

The shadow of the rusted moon haunts me
Is this the end of your long journey?
Is it all what you expected it to be?
All that you wanted to see?

How long will this last I wonder
Is it like the past? You thunder
A voice without a mouth now streams
Through this broken dream

Why am I here?
When you are not near
No answer’s clear
These tears, these tears, these tears

Laughing you beam
You’re as fake as you seem
What can it mean?
This dream, this dream, this dream

Now with this glance la la la
Now let's dance

Now that the crows all fly away
Tomorrow like any other day
In this world where the dream’s made
I’ll still wait

How long are can we cry?
Our eyes won’t ever be dry
But we can still try
In this dream of mine.

If you were here
With me so near
It’d all be clear
My dear, my dear, my dear

Now I can see
This kindness
envelops me
Now can you be
With me? With me? With me?

Now with this glance la la la
Now let's dance

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