Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sword of Drossel Translyrics

My favorite song I have ever made translyrics for...ever...It's a tragedy but most good things in life are...

Sword of Drossel: Kagamine Rin and Len
Music: OSTER project
Translation: animeyay

R&L: A grieving thrush is choked with tears

R: That certain day, which in my memory lives on
When my own brother left his home kingdom
Leaving me with merely his cold, frigid gaze
I watched, his small back as he turned, slowly away

R: Ah, the rains of sorrow eventually spread
Transforming into the thunders of hatred
L: While the dark clouds steadily begin
L: To blacken her field of vision R: to blacken my field of vision

R: Whenever I recall all our promises, my burning heart feels like this
L: A sword, R: pointed toward
R&L: Ready to slice free love and beauty
R: Casting judgment upon his corrupt sin
 L: Bestowing kindness upon my small wings
R&L: Yet, still unable to hear the sound of broken gears

L: In my dream, I see your figure quite like a queen
R&L: One which resembles a thrush so mournful

R: Frigidly smiling, I step onto foreign land,
I see the same figure from long ago where you stand
You who turned away from his homeland that day,
The fires of madness R&L: Awaken and begin to burn my heart astray

Ah, I lost control of myself in that moment
And without another word
L: I wielded the silver sword as it stabbed forward

R: The crimson blood and the shattered pieces of our love
R&L: Seem to be informing me of my crime

R: My hatred, thunders, blinding my heart in a world of red
Becoming a sword, L: That would pierce, R&L: Even those I held so dear
Letting out my silent screams, I shook the dead body pointlessly
The Crimson Red, of those breaths, R&L: dripping down my wrist

R: Grant mercy on my unforgivable mistake,
L: Salvation to regret I wish to forsake
R&L: The sword in my hand shall lead me to the end
From now on

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