Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Watchmaker and Dreams Translyrics

In case you can't tell I really like kous, his songs are so relaxing....

Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Composer: kous
Translation Reference: Berrysubs

The Watchmaker and Dreams

The sound that flows, from the stereo
Washes away, the dreams you know…

Falling out of my hands,
the flower petals ran  
toward the past they lead
to where you are I see

Upon the hill the watchmaker stays
Turned the mechanical key in a way
That can "recover" time, they say.

I want to see the you of that day.
You were smiling at that time anyway?
Although I'm smiling even nowadays...

Spilling from my arms and suddenly vanishing
Of the dream I had there’s nothing remaining
I gaze up at the sky, I roll over and sigh.
I think I want to see the blue, I saw with you

The broken watch is enveloped in light,
You and eternity will be forever in my memories
In the very end, they spill and overflow
I‘ll collect the petals, though you aren’t there to tomorrow 

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