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Magical Mirror English Lyrics

Magical Mirror- Rin & Len Kagamine
Lyrics: HitoshizukuP (ひとしずく)
Music: HitoshizukuP x Yama (ひとしずく×やま△)
Video: Tama (たま)
Translation Reference(s): Amesubs, Animeyay

OMG one happy ending guys just one!  Well they've done it again another beautifully heart wrenching song from  Hitoshizuku and Yama, ah I can't stop crying.  There's another song featured on their album EndlessroLL called Kagami no Mahou( Magic of the Mirror?) as opposed to Mahou no Kagami (Mirror of Magic) which is from Len's perspective, it explains a lot actually so I'll link that below.

Above the ceiling, is a small, lonely attic. 
Nobody ever visits, yet there’s a certain kind of magic
The only one who lives there, is a frail, little girl.
She dreams of happiness, in her empty, little world

One day she saw, reflected in the mirror,
A young strange boy, suddenly appeared
He said he was a wizard, here to make my dreams reality
He laughs and then smiles, looking just like me

The wheel of fate begins to turn, my lonely heart begins to mend
Is it alright for me to call you my very first friend!?
We place our hands on the mirror just the same
The magic spell is cast "Hey could you say my name?”

I can touch your hand, I can hear your voice.
They’re both so warm, I can’t stop these tears of joy
I really just want, to hold your hand forever now
I was so lonely, by myself, I was waiting for somebody else
for you, your tender touch, right now it’s enough

The magician granted everything I asked for
He cured my illness, so walking wasn’t a chore
That long-lasting war is finally ending
This quiet room, is now full of laughing

I once had a dream, or memories from long ago
I used to be a princess, living in a grand castle.
I remember it so vividly, although it’s only a memory
But now that dream has become reality.

You’ve granted all my silly wishes, all my senseless dreams
But there’s still something I am missing
This "magic", only you can cast
Please let this magic last

I wish we could stay, like this every day,
I want this to last forever, us two together
Right now please, could come to meet me
I'm so lonely I can’t even sleep. Could you gently call to me?
I’ll be waiting for you, always

Rin: Ahhhh
The magic’s all run out
Len: much too soon

Rin: The lonely girl's "dream", reverts back to reality.
Len: "I have to leave now..." Rin: "Please don’t go.”
Len: "The spell will break if I don’t”
"I have to say goodbye." Ren: "Please don't say goodbye..."
Both: "I beg of you ” Len: “don’t cry,” Rin: “don’t leave me”

Len: On the other side is a world were everything’s reversed
Our different destinies should have never crossed
"I’m just returning, everything you’ve given me."
I won’t forget your smiles or your tears.
Even through many years, that’s why I beg of you please
don’t…. forget me

Rin: I wish you could have stayed with me right here
Even without magic, I can still feel you near
So please, won’t you come and see me?
I will polish this old mirror so I can see you clearer
Next time we meet, even if it takes eternity, I’ll be
waiting for you.

Mahou no Kagami w/ subs:
Kagami no Mahou w/ subs:

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