Friday, March 15, 2013

Adam Translyrics

Composer: コウ (Diarays) - Kou (of Diarays)
Illustrator: 出水ぽすか - Demizu Posuka
Movie: Not-116

The song is connected to Ib a free online horror game.  I will freely admit that I did waste my time playing it but it was worth it.  The song is called “Adam” because “Ib” is pronounced “Eeb” which sounds like “Eve” so “Ib” is “Eve” which makes Garry “Adam” Aww how sweet.  I tried to make references to the game.  Such as “Please stay” instead of “May you live” because Ib and Garry are trapped in an art gallery and the gallery is trying to get them to stay.  The game has a multitude of different endings in some of them Ib is trapped in the gallery all alone, or Mary kills Ib and Gary, or Ib and Gary return to the real world and don’t remember one another.  The choices a player makes throughout the game influences which ending the player will get.  To escape Guertena’s world Ib must jump through the painting in which she entered Guertena’s world and a lot of the time she doesn’t remember being trapped in Guertena’s world.  Personally I think the song is from Ib’s perspective during different endings the last one being “in my opinion” the most optimal: “Promise of Reunion” Yeah if this description confuses you Wikipedia it or heck go play the game it’s pretty fun. Oh and subscribe to Diarays!!!

I can't hear them now, all of my withered words
The thread that I grasped in this dream world.
If it fails to fall, the curtain of the end
Then we’ll be fine if you kill us again.

Sounds echo of the downfall we face,
Are you upset? For the nights that don't change.
The color of the sky stains you in gray
Of ashes of clouds and says upside-down:
"Please stay”

I’ll regret it all until
It fades away

It’s too late for that, the answer to this game
We met but now that’s lost, though we stayed the same
The proof that you were here will always remain
On my left arm, so please call my name

I’m sorry, if I tend to forget
The tears now start blur, and my heart begins to hurt
I will go and see, please eyes do not deceive me Ah....

You and I were torn apart
The world began to restart
You kissed me that day
I love you more than I can say
and now....

Why didn’t I understand? Why did I let go of your hand? Why?

I can't hear them now, all of my withered words.
If you’re not here with me I cannot move forward
And so I’ll carve them here, into this dream of ours
These images will sear into those eyes of yours

These are the words I’ll say before I jump on through
In my heart I’ll place a memory of you
Even if you vanish, and won’t hold my hand
I’ll still love you, my dear "Adam".

If I could go back to that day...

As I gaze up to the sky so bright
My eyes will not adjust to the morning light,
In my left hand I felt another’s warmth
It was your hand in mine

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