Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silent Majority translyrics

Silent Majority-Hatsune Miku
Composer: HeavenzP
Translation Reference: descent 87

I love how Heavenz re-writes the story of the wolf and little red riding hood.  Maybe that hungry wolf was just lonely?  Anyway this song reminds us there's not just one way of looking at a situation, and the effect of human kindness.

Staring straight into those eyes of yours,
Your ears pointed toward all those harsh rumors
In a thick, blanket you try to hide
There’s no one by your side

Inside this dark forest you cry
Tired of growling, your throat is dry
A roar I recognized
Your loneliness inside

The thing that people fear, is the way you appear
Behind what you seem, are fleeting dreams
Your velvet fur, a sparkling gift and curse
Though I’m innocent and na├»ve,
it hurt me, when I saw you crying all alone
If that’s so
Please, hold on to me
I’ll hold you close, I won’t let you go
You are so hungry and exhausted
not even knowing what kindness is, so I’ll show you

Betrayals of the not-too-distant past,
deceit became a habit much too fast
A path you followed just to exist
Is eroding isn’t it?

I want to tell you it’s all okay
I wish to hold you everyday
Although everyone else is rude and mean
It’s disappointing

All you need is warmth, someone to hold you in their arms
Behind what you seem, are fleeting dreams
Your velvet fur, like a sparkling sea stirs
A heart full of hopes and dreams, cuddles close with me,
to be rocked gently

If you would please hold me, I’ll treat you kindly
The ice will melt and you’ll be smiling
I hope to be in your fond memories
Dawn breaks, the stars fade,
You’ll be okay, from now on, I promise you’ll never be alone…ahhh 

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