Saturday, April 20, 2013

Silver Fruit Translyrics

Silver Fruit-Hatsune Miku
Music/ Lyrics: Mezame-P
Translation reference: ColeenaWu

Another Mezame-P song.  This one is relatively new sounds a lot like paranoia but it has a
slightly darker more mature theme.  Yet another beautiful illustration by f*cla and movie by Not-116
those bouncing circles seem to show up in a lot of these videos..

All my words tend to shrivel up
Left in my body they pile up
A finger wandering around
Smiles and laughs without a sound 

Anybody is fine with me
Cause being alone is scary
The innocent girl could not rejoice
So she made a twisted choice

The stars in sky, swimming in the night
For once I, can feel their light
Please shine brightly,
Please embrace me,
I’ll take even you, as you are
So kill this impostor

My reflection in the mirror
I don’t like cause I see all my scars
I become just like a doll
Say yes if yes is really your answer

Sadness really frightens me
So please treat me kindly
If I’m alone I’ll cry and scream
As I drown in a dream

All the things I wish, the things I see, mean nothing anymore to me
You don’t notice, I guess I’m hopeless,
A broken doll, so I’ll dance until I finally fall

My pale body, the eyes you see, my hands, are all so dirty
Even if I love, if I let you in, it’s all an illusion

I give it all to you, everything I am,
every single part, tear apart, my clothes and my heart

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Checkmate Translyrics

Music/lyrics: Yucha-P
Movie: Hatsuko
Solo: Nakanishi
Mix/Mastering: Kaichi
Translation Reference: ShugoShadow

Love is a lot like chess…one wrong move and you lose.

Uncontrollable my jealousy, Why am I fighting beyond capability?
Laughing at the knight through pretense, piece by piece stripping away my defense
I’m going to lose I know it, It’s useless, time’s up, it’s game over
On the black and white checkerboard, before I even noticed I was corned
There isn’t a way to win
I don’t know what’s happening
Help me I’m falling…Ah!
It’s done, I’m through
by you
Then even prayers to God
Won’t be of help to me now!
Come on fight!
Read with all your might
Next time I’ll win, this battle we’re in!
When will it end?
I won’t give up again!
I know it well the pain!
How frustrating
this futile dream
Still, I want to be like you the king
But I’m a pawn who can only keep on marching

Now that I’ve lost my final piece
Will you stop being so nice to me?
The king who left himself exposed
“I don’t even want you anymore.”
Again I end up feeling so weak
Wallowing in my most recent defeat
No matter how much it repeats
It’s hopeless it keeps happening!
Would you quit! I feel like an idiot
I would say goodbye
But that’s not allowed by my pride
What? You’re smiling?
Am I amusing?
I feel like I’m in a daydream
Who are you?
What are you to me?
I don’t know what to say!
It’s hard okay!
I can’t wake up from this nightmare
But, I know you’ll still be there
Even if I never win, I’ll keep on trying
Please fight! The end is in sight
Will this be? The last match for me?
Is it finally, my victory?
Don’t be so na├»ve
Just a little more! It’s not like before
But even so I want you to know
Though I’m a pawn who moves two spaces at best
I’ll keep fighting, even through lightning, I’ll never rest!

Seiten Drops Translyrics

A Double dose of Yucha-P today...

Seiten Drops-Kagamine Rin and GUMI
Composer: Yucha-P

Seiten can mean Clear Sky or Starry Sky.  Another beautiful song by the ever so talented Yucha-P.  If you don’t know about him check him out right now I especially like his song Checkmate featuring GUMI.

Traffic lights of the evening,
colorful, neon blinking
You held my hand for that moment in time

Together both our emotions
Setting this night in motion
Still my heart is falling I’m

Heavens of stars look at me
Judging my words cause they see
Honesty wasn’t my policy
But if I start just who would I want to be?

Uncertain, Noise,
Unsteady, Rhythm,
Our hearts, are weak,
But soon, we’ll leave,
But still, I’ll grab,
Your hand, and run away

Yesterday, everything I was chasing after
Today, is thrown away with laughter
Connecting stars and making shapes
Tomorrow they’ll be washed away

Gazing at the night sky
Reminds me of you and I
Make a wish
On a shooting star

I wonder if they came true
The wishes I wished with you
I wonder where you are

A distant sign, shining on us,
Feeling, the keeling silence, it’s the end
Please let our, fading words echo

A twinkling star I keep locked up in my heart
I thought it had melted and fallen apart
Please, I’m on the verge of losing faith
Please tell me it’s all going to be okay

Yesterday, everything I was chasing after
Today, is thrown away with laughter
Connecting stars and making shapes
Tomorrow they’ll be washed away

Everything I see
Like the scenery of a movie
Even the colors and sounds
Still resound

Yes I still see you cry
After rain there’s sunshine
Don’t forget to look toward the future
It’s brighter and newer

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Certain Country's Lyre Translyrics

A Certain Country’s Lyre-GUMI
Music/Lyrics: utml
Reference: Coleena Wu

I’m such a sucker for these stories.  The stories that are half fairytale stories half tragedy and sorrow, so much so that it’s now midnight.  This song is so freaking fast, and to be honest I have no idea what the heck it means.  My interpretation was there was this princess who was seen as her country’s “lyre”/“lilac”/“Treasure.” A prince from another country proposes to her, but she rejects him because she is in love with a gardener boy who brings her flowers every day.  Her mother and father “the wolves?” Tell her not to shame their country and marry the prince but she refuses, and so they punish the boy for fraternizing with the princess executing him.  So then the princess decides to get revenge on everyone who killed the boy she loved and so in exchange for her emotions and soul she receives from a witch the power to take her revenge which includes apparently fire bender powers and sword skills.  After the girl takes her revenge she is reborn with the boy and they become children again only in a different situation in which they can be together.  Either that OR the girl didn’t die after she killed everyone and she’s the old lady at the end and the two children are her wish of what could have happened.  Yeah I really don’t know.  Also the translation of Lira can either mean Lilac, which explains the flower imagery or Lyre which explains the lululila sort of.  The heterochromia the princess and the flower boy seem to both have may be symbolic because at the end when they’re kids they’re not heterochromic.  In addition I know he was totally evil but when the prince is about to die I felt kind of sorry for him I mean I would have been freaking out she’s SCARY!  So yeah sleep….

A Country’s Lyre, is shining in the sun
Although it gleams it seems, it is fading
Rules are rules the king says
Scorn fame the queen begs
But the lonely boy brings flowers never less

She was sad, just a doll, knowing no happiness at all
But he came, all the same, giving her something small
Though he cried, he still smiled, even through the tears
She took his hand and smiled at his face, she said to him

People die, and they live, and they fall deeply in love just like this
If I can be with you, if it was just us two, I’d have all I wish
But the words would disappear if they knew we were together here,
So let’s treasure all the fragile time we have right now
Hands torn apart, breaking their secret vow
His crime was love, but he knew he would face it all alone
Tearing apart her innocent first love that day
As he quietly faded away, she paid… with her sorrow

Will you…curse them now? Will you curse them?
Will you kill them all, will you kill them?
The old witch offers her a deal
A trade, lu,lu,li,la,lu,lu,li,la
My soul I’ll give, my own heart,
in exchange for a power so dark

Even sorrow, even happiness,
Her heart freezes ice cold
Warmth shivers, love slivers
She begs to the dark and empty sky
I won’t cry, I won’t cry, I will wait for you

I will fight, I will die, I will die, I will fight, I want to see you
Humans die, they all lie, as they cry, now isn’t that the truth?
Her soul was depraved the girl could not be saved
As her heart, and the world were consumed by flames

If we could be reborn, just you and I like this
It would be, for me, my one and only wish
Now the sun is nearly down, this story is ending now
It’s the end, let it end, I will sew up the end with… this needle

The sound of my hate
Dance before it’s too late

Once she was all alone, she had taken her revenge
The girl she cries, the girl she cries, she hangs her head
Memories of a past she wishes to return
The wheel turns, and burns the life she knew away

So she woke to see the sun shining in the sky overhead
She saw his smile, his face like he had never left
My love for you, it always had been true
Together again, until the end, like we promised long ago

The forest we explored, that book we adored
Told a tale of love, of hate, of fate, of another world
Her wish came true, the past of those two
Is now the present time of two  happy children who walk away