Saturday, April 13, 2013

Checkmate Translyrics

Music/lyrics: Yucha-P
Movie: Hatsuko
Solo: Nakanishi
Mix/Mastering: Kaichi
Translation Reference: ShugoShadow

Love is a lot like chess…one wrong move and you lose.

Uncontrollable my jealousy, Why am I fighting beyond capability?
Laughing at the knight through pretense, piece by piece stripping away my defense
I’m going to lose I know it, It’s useless, time’s up, it’s game over
On the black and white checkerboard, before I even noticed I was corned
There isn’t a way to win
I don’t know what’s happening
Help me I’m falling…Ah!
It’s done, I’m through
by you
Then even prayers to God
Won’t be of help to me now!
Come on fight!
Read with all your might
Next time I’ll win, this battle we’re in!
When will it end?
I won’t give up again!
I know it well the pain!
How frustrating
this futile dream
Still, I want to be like you the king
But I’m a pawn who can only keep on marching

Now that I’ve lost my final piece
Will you stop being so nice to me?
The king who left himself exposed
“I don’t even want you anymore.”
Again I end up feeling so weak
Wallowing in my most recent defeat
No matter how much it repeats
It’s hopeless it keeps happening!
Would you quit! I feel like an idiot
I would say goodbye
But that’s not allowed by my pride
What? You’re smiling?
Am I amusing?
I feel like I’m in a daydream
Who are you?
What are you to me?
I don’t know what to say!
It’s hard okay!
I can’t wake up from this nightmare
But, I know you’ll still be there
Even if I never win, I’ll keep on trying
Please fight! The end is in sight
Will this be? The last match for me?
Is it finally, my victory?
Don’t be so na├»ve
Just a little more! It’s not like before
But even so I want you to know
Though I’m a pawn who moves two spaces at best
I’ll keep fighting, even through lightning, I’ll never rest!


  1. Thank you! You've made the meaning of the song much more understandable to me!! I love your work! xD

    1. Thank you for commenting I'm glad you like them :)

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