Saturday, April 20, 2013

Silver Fruit Translyrics

Silver Fruit-Hatsune Miku
Music/ Lyrics: Mezame-P
Translation reference: ColeenaWu

Another Mezame-P song.  This one is relatively new sounds a lot like paranoia but it has a
slightly darker more mature theme.  Yet another beautiful illustration by f*cla and movie by Not-116
those bouncing circles seem to show up in a lot of these videos..

All my words tend to shrivel up
Left in my body they pile up
A finger wandering around
Smiles and laughs without a sound 

Anybody is fine with me
Cause being alone is scary
The innocent girl could not rejoice
So she made a twisted choice

The stars in sky, swimming in the night
For once I, can feel their light
Please shine brightly,
Please embrace me,
I’ll take even you, as you are
So kill this impostor

My reflection in the mirror
I don’t like cause I see all my scars
I become just like a doll
Say yes if yes is really your answer

Sadness really frightens me
So please treat me kindly
If I’m alone I’ll cry and scream
As I drown in a dream

All the things I wish, the things I see, mean nothing anymore to me
You don’t notice, I guess I’m hopeless,
A broken doll, so I’ll dance until I finally fall

My pale body, the eyes you see, my hands, are all so dirty
Even if I love, if I let you in, it’s all an illusion

I give it all to you, everything I am,
every single part, tear apart, my clothes and my heart

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