Monday, May 27, 2013

Juliet Translyrics

Juliet-Kagamine Rin
Music/Lyrics: Kurozumi-P
Eng Ref: TheXirem

More Kurozumi-P!

All alone I continue to sleep in a cold tomb
I can’t forget the memories I’ve made with you
I can not forget my own name

Trapped inside my own unconscious body
Were our promises just all lies? I wonder

I prayed for you to come and wake me
But in the end we knew we could never be
Our love was hopeless I see

Only your eyes, only your gaze,
Make me want to return to those days I spent with you

The ties that bind us together are strong
Our love could never be wrong,
I finally understand
The future both you and I saw, disappears inside this tragic scenario

The thought of living in a world where you’re not here
Fills me full of fear, and tears

Beyond the boundaries of this page
Before the curtains close on the stage
I want to smile one more time

“O happy dagger” please “let me die”
Although it’s “the end” I won’t cry

Always alone, colored by the pain I’d always known
I was always obedient,
Pretending there was nothing wrong

Within this mad choice, I still want to hear your voice
One last echo, will close the show, let the curtains fall

All alone I continue to sleep in a cold tomb
The answer will be engraved in cold stone
I guess we’ll never know it

The ties that bind us together are strong
Our love could never be wrong
I finally understand

“There never was a story of more woe,
than this of Juliet and Romeo”

Hey ... smile for me one last time, please just one last time, please my dear


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Romeo Translyrics

Romeo-Len Kagamine
Music &Lyrics: Kurozumi-P (くろずみP )
Translation References: yorokondesuru, and kisekikui

Why couldn’t I have read this Romeo and Juliet in English class?  Instead of making bad decisions to make the reader mad, this Romeo seems to be aware of the fact Shakespeare is an [insert bad word I can’t type] and setting them up to die.  However this tragic scenario might as well reflect perfectly my sentiments about another tragic scenario (in my mind) Kurozumi-P the composer of this song has (for reasons I don’t know) deleted both his youtube, niconicodouga, twitter account, and blog.  I assume it’s because he is retiring from making vocaloid music.  This new development makes me extremely sad because I really do love his music, however I also respect his decision because making this music can’t be easy.  However these next few days in honor of his retiring/hiatus/him I’ll be making translyrics to his songs.  Although he's deleted his videos there are still reprints on youtube here's a link to a playlist of his songs: Also note I had to add a bunch of stuff to make the lyrics fit, however I wasn't working from the most reliable translations, however I tried to add references to the original play in my lyrics so I hope it's okay. 

The comedy we defend was really a tragedy in the end
Can we laugh so foolishly, being led like this blindly?
If we could find through laughter our own “happily ever after”
Even if it was false hope, I could try to cope

You smile at the sky, don’t you ever want to just cry?

 Inside our tragic scenario
The future both you and I saw
I’ll always try to protect you
How could I ever bear to lose you?
But it seems that we’re bound
With no warning, they resound
I guess these chimes will end our lives,
But our demise comes as no surprise
But I’m glad within our mad choice,
The last sound I hear is your voice

I was always alone, the pain I felt was all I’d known
How can you love me, when I’m drowned in misery
The name I’ll shout out, will echo then die out,
Will our love go the same way?  Or is that too cruel to say?

My tears blur the sky, don’t you ever wonder why?

My weakness is despair, but when you are there
I see hope is never lost; I’m willing to pay the cost
I watch it scatter in the night, that tiny little spark of light
I held it close with all my might; I’ll watch it until I lose sight
And so these chimes that will end our lives
Stop my tears and all my cries

Inside our tragic scenario
The future both you and I saw
Even if we are both lonely, we’ll remember our story
Even if there’s no tomorrow “parting is such sweet sorrow”
We can no longer pretend, we’re not approaching the end
The chimes of our demise ring, our hearts will soon be stopping
Although this ending is hardly fair, we’ll always be the “star crossed” pair

Please smile one last time, please just one last time

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Magenta Translyrics

Magenta-Hatsune Miku and GUMI

Music/Lyrics: Diarays

Translation reference: zcatcracker

DIARAYS!!!!!They’re such a talented group if you haven’t subscribed to them…go! Now!  If I could say one thing about the PV: DADA.  I think the PV and song are supposed to represent the worthlessness and meaningless of life, and I interpreted the song as being about a boy who doesn’t want to live in the world anymore so he becomes someone he isn’t to escape reality.

Show time finally,
Draw it in pastels
Done with your edits?
It’s already Monday
The girl bought the grail
Destroyed it quickly
Your wild wails
Become prayers to a deaf God,
You pray, to just fade away,
Disappear from sight, hide away, from the white lies

Stupid, stupid everything
Broken cities, breaking me
A world full of stupid fools
Who can I listen to?

“You can’t keep fighting forever you know”
Says the Grim Reaper wearing a tuxedo

My mind can’t take
All this hate
Bursting out
Screams and shouts
B1: in front
B2: of you
B3: of me
Sinner? No way

When I grow big and strong
I’ll do this I’ll do that, you’re all wrong

Leaping out
To my heart
Melting now
This scandalous story
Every part
Of my heart
Gives in to
A suicide plot,
just put me in handcuffs

Please, please comfort me?

I see it now the truth
Real life is just for fools
The world is full of losers
Pretending to know the answers

“I’m the only who knows”
Says the fake God just for show
Then he lost his head, suddenly dropping dead

I can’t live
Like this anymore

Stupid, stupid everything
Broken cities, breaking me
You can have the world
I don’t need it anymore

“If I stop fighting would you understand?”
Says the cutter in my hand

Spinning, spin
Don’t rewind
Now that you have lost your mind
It’s your world
There’s no me
I’ll be gone quickly
“I’ll help you fight until we’re dead”
Says the real me who suddenly lost his head!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy End Gretel Translyrics

Happy End Gretel-Hatsune Miku
Music and Lyrics: KulfiQ
Translation Reference: OccasionalSubs

Did you guys know I LOVE KulfiQ?  Well probably because I made translyrics for Hemidall’s Horn.  He’s a very talented composer check out his mylist: and subscribe to Occasionalsubs (he/she’s pretty good):
Inside the forest scared to the bone
A girl named Gretel can’t find her way home
Come in, dear, no need to say a word, my sweet bluebird
Pretty, pretty, sparkling gems
Sleep in my bed rest your head
Now I’m asleep you softly coo
“I’m going to eat you.”
At this rate I’d rather be asleep
If it’s a dream please wake me early
Can’t I just go back and rewind
Following the pebbles in a line
I know I have everything I need
But I don’t want you to eat me
But since I’m helplessly paralyzed
I’ll just close my eyes, and let you eat me
I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming to meet you
Go outside I’ll be there soon
I told you not to go, you didn’t listen though
Now what do we do?
I couldn’t wait
It’s gotten late
The cooking pot is boiling hot
“Please help me”
But my screams and pleas
Just fall on deaf ears
At this rate I’d rather burn all it up
If this is a dream I’ve really had enough
Not a single breadcrumb left to follow,
Can’t I just give in to sorrow?
Goodbye, my happy little bluebird
Goodbye, I guess these are my last words
There’s no point in living a lie
So let’s keep wandering around, until we die
I want it all to end
I can’t walk on
what can I do my friend?
Somewhere beyond this page,
A happy end waits

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How I Write Translyrics

I thought I would do something a little different today and explain how I write translyrics.  Writing translyrics is NOT I repeat NOT easy.  Sometimes it’s harder than others, for instance it’s easier to write translyrics if a song is really catchy or if you really like the song.  It’s a lot harder to write translyrics when the song is trying to tell a story because you have to try to smush all of the author’s story/message into good sounding English lyrics.  In addition personally I feel like it’s easier to write lyrics to more vague songs.  However I really like the result of my lyrics for songs with stories such as A Certain Country’s Lyre, Sword of Drossel, and Who’s Afraid of the Wolf? (goodness this one was hard!).  But here’s a step by step walkthrough of how I write lyrics.  First one has to find the song one wants to dub in English.  It might help if you really like the song, or you have some idea of the lyrics you want to write.  Once you find your song, it is very important to find an ACCURATE ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the song.  Some English translations online are machine translations and they are actually a lot harder to make good sounding English lyrics for and on top are sort of confusing.  There’s a list somewhere on vocaloid wiki which has a list of recommended translators most of which I use here’s a link enjoy (or in my case have a major epiphany to why some translyrics turn out better than others!):
If you can’t find an accurate translation you may have a harder time making translyrics, but if you REALLY want to do it go for it, just know that the translyrics may not be completely accurate, and they may not make a lot of sense, however translyrics are YOUR INTERPRETATION of the song, so make up a few things won’t cause any harm.  Once you have your translation and song basically listen to the song a couple of times and read the translation, so you understand the purpose of the song, the story, or if the song is really vague its meaning.  If you have no idea what the meaning of the song is ask other people what they think and brainstorm.  Once you have a good grip on the meaning go ahead and began writing translyrics!  Look at the English translation (and more than one if you can) because even the best translators get stuff wrong so if you cross examine multiple translations you get a better picture of what the composer is attempting to convey.  In addition you can look at the romaji.  If you can you should try to match up the syllables and make the timing the same as the original, also look for a way for the ideas to flow clearly from one way to another.  Make sure the lyrics aren’t that confusing, however they can be though provoking.  Also if you want you can make them rhyme.  Personally I like my lyrics so much better when they rhyme because they just flow better and sound more mellifluous to the ears.  Sing the translyrics a couple of times all the way through (that usually helps weed out the kinks).  Although this doesn’t apply to a lot of songs background knowledge of what the song is about can usually help with writing translyrics.  For instance my translyrics of Adam by Diarays.   The song is about Ib a free online horror game (which by the by is pretty fun, but for some reason I can’t get the ending I want!!!!Grrr) anyway I applied my background knowledge of the game to the translyrics, which I feel makes the lyrics more meaningful, because the author was trying to allude to that knowledge.  Therefore if there’s a reference you don’t know about in a song LOOK IT UP!  However due to cultural differences this may not be applicable 100% of the time.  Some warnings about translyrics:  they shouldn’t just copy the English translations, and should reflect an attempt to really understand the meaning of the song, also don’t get so caught up with making the lines rhyme (I’m guilty of this a lot) that you compromise more important things like idea flow, grammar, timing ect.   Don’t be afraid to edit your translyrics.  We all make mistakes, we all have to start from somewhere.  Lastly don’t be afraid to TRY.  Your first few might not be the best but practice makes perfect right?

Who’s Afraid of the Wolf ? Translyrics

Who’s Afraid of the Wolf ? - GUMI& Hatsune Miku
Composer: OsterProject
Translation reference: Descent 87

It's been a while since I did another Osterproject song so...wolves aren't even that scary!  I tried to give it a fairytale feel and relate a few things back to the story of little red riding hood see if you can spot them ^_~

Once upon a time, in a land far,
far away, there lived a girl. 
She lived in a house deep in the woods,
where she spent most of her days…Ahh

Ah, day by day it’s all the same
I’m like a bird locked away in a cage
with no way to escape

Mama warned me about the witches and wolves
In the woods they hide away
So she won’t let me go outside to play

But the little birdies told me all about it
All those things, existing, inside the forest

Sunlight through the trees, and murmuring melodies
Talking with animals, it would wonderful,
I want to see it, this magical place just outside my door!

Wolves aren’t even that scary
They're something you say just to frighten me
I’m not a child don’t treat me like one! 
I can go outside by myself and have some fun

Tonight’s a full moon so I’ll leave
To discover all the wonders and mysteries
I sneak from the window, bit by bit
And run to explore the dark forest

The moonlight shines on some wild strawberries
And I try to pick all that I can possibly carry
As I walked through a path lined with daisies
I turned around and saw a wolf gazing straight at me

Hey Mr. Wolf what great big eyes you have to stare at me
Do you hear my heart with those great big ears?  Are you listening?
What a big mouth you have, you whisper to me, so gently, saying

“Poor little thing, I won’t be belittling, after all you’re not a little girl anymore”

So the wolf came nearer and nearer gently,
holding me closely, when suddenly,
He tried to bite me!

Wolves aren’t even that scary
“I’m not scared” I shouted while running quickly
Stained by these smashed strawberries
My clean little dress is now so dirty!

This dress was torn by those great big teeth,
Though I run away crying so bitterly,
The milk was spilled and I can never return,
“You can’t get back everything you want” I learned

Now the stories told make much more sense
There’s truth behind the pretense
The fairy-tales we all know
Aren’t just for show

Wolves aren’t even that scary!
What was scary was my naivety
I acted like a fool, breaking the rules
Being brash, trying to grow up way too fast

Wolves aren’t even that scary
They were expected to be frightening
But I thought nothing could happen to me
Always staying in my room, safe and soundly

With my clothes all dirty, I can’t go back home
And so through the forest I continue to roam
Although I wasn’t bitten or even engulfed
I had become a wolf!  

“If you try to lock a bluebird up
She’ll surely decide one day she’s had enough
She’ll break out and be killed by poison you see
A poison called curiosity!

Although we protect what we can’t bear to lose
We need to give others the right to choose
Or one day surely they’ll try to break free
Ignorance is not bliss nor is naivety

Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Boy of Defeat Translyrics

 After months of wishing for a SLOW Kemu it is Haiboku no Shonen Boy of Defeat or Defeated Boy I don't know, but the song was super catchy and it got stuck in my head during AP testing....which would be the reason I haven't been posting as five AP tests later and I'm still alive whoo!  Anyway the song seems to be about the "boy who failed to become a god."  I interpreted the song as being from the boy's point of view.  The "god" in Kemu's songs seems to grant wishes, however the wishes she? grants backfire on the wisher.  Instead this song is about a boy who originally wanted to become a hero, but then when he's given the opportunity to become a hero by "god" refuses, perhaps this song is supposed to contrast all the others?  Kemu's songs are always super confusing but SO GOOD.  Also it's hard to make these lyrics rhyme so some parts might be weird....Also no link for this one sorry the English translation was taken down by youtube :P so here's a link to her tumblr:

Boy of Defeat
Music/lyrics: Kemu
Reference: Coleena Wu

I ran away, I didn’t think
But I was
Here before I could even start to blink
I wanted most
To be a brave hero
But I failed
My hopes were soon derailed
Although this I knew
It was hopeless
I guess I wasn’t good enough

Defeat in the end
Reality bends
My hopes and dreams won’t fly off just like I imagined they would
What is the meaning?
Of the gleaming in the
night if we’re bound to earth?

That buzzing sound, echoing now
Asks me
If I would like a miracle bluntly
“If it’s want you want, so you can be a hero
I guess I’ll help you catch that dream”
Even if it was, so sweet like candy
I still wouldn’t be happy

Defeat in the end
Existence lends
Me hope though I can’t ever be like you
What is the meaning?
Of the gleaming in the
night if we’re bound to earth? Just bound to the earth?

I feel my heart beat, I know I can breath
“I don’t need you after all”
Defeat in the end
The mundane mends
I guess I’m not the type to believe in God you see
The moral of this story is
We can say goodbye

Defeat in the end
Reality bends
The fact we’re really all just worthless you know?
Although we can’t touch
The stars in the night
We can still feel their warmth, we can feel their warmth