Friday, May 10, 2013

Boy of Defeat Translyrics

 After months of wishing for a SLOW Kemu it is Haiboku no Shonen Boy of Defeat or Defeated Boy I don't know, but the song was super catchy and it got stuck in my head during AP testing....which would be the reason I haven't been posting as five AP tests later and I'm still alive whoo!  Anyway the song seems to be about the "boy who failed to become a god."  I interpreted the song as being from the boy's point of view.  The "god" in Kemu's songs seems to grant wishes, however the wishes she? grants backfire on the wisher.  Instead this song is about a boy who originally wanted to become a hero, but then when he's given the opportunity to become a hero by "god" refuses, perhaps this song is supposed to contrast all the others?  Kemu's songs are always super confusing but SO GOOD.  Also it's hard to make these lyrics rhyme so some parts might be weird....Also no link for this one sorry the English translation was taken down by youtube :P so here's a link to her tumblr:

Boy of Defeat
Music/lyrics: Kemu
Reference: Coleena Wu

I ran away, I didn’t think
But I was
Here before I could even start to blink
I wanted most
To be a brave hero
But I failed
My hopes were soon derailed
Although this I knew
It was hopeless
I guess I wasn’t good enough

Defeat in the end
Reality bends
My hopes and dreams won’t fly off just like I imagined they would
What is the meaning?
Of the gleaming in the
night if we’re bound to earth?

That buzzing sound, echoing now
Asks me
If I would like a miracle bluntly
“If it’s want you want, so you can be a hero
I guess I’ll help you catch that dream”
Even if it was, so sweet like candy
I still wouldn’t be happy

Defeat in the end
Existence lends
Me hope though I can’t ever be like you
What is the meaning?
Of the gleaming in the
night if we’re bound to earth? Just bound to the earth?

I feel my heart beat, I know I can breath
“I don’t need you after all”
Defeat in the end
The mundane mends
I guess I’m not the type to believe in God you see
The moral of this story is
We can say goodbye

Defeat in the end
Reality bends
The fact we’re really all just worthless you know?
Although we can’t touch
The stars in the night
We can still feel their warmth, we can feel their warmth

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