Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy End Gretel Translyrics

Happy End Gretel-Hatsune Miku
Music and Lyrics: KulfiQ
Translation Reference: OccasionalSubs

Did you guys know I LOVE KulfiQ?  Well probably because I made translyrics for Hemidall’s Horn.  He’s a very talented composer check out his mylist: and subscribe to Occasionalsubs (he/she’s pretty good):
Inside the forest scared to the bone
A girl named Gretel can’t find her way home
Come in, dear, no need to say a word, my sweet bluebird
Pretty, pretty, sparkling gems
Sleep in my bed rest your head
Now I’m asleep you softly coo
“I’m going to eat you.”
At this rate I’d rather be asleep
If it’s a dream please wake me early
Can’t I just go back and rewind
Following the pebbles in a line
I know I have everything I need
But I don’t want you to eat me
But since I’m helplessly paralyzed
I’ll just close my eyes, and let you eat me
I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming to meet you
Go outside I’ll be there soon
I told you not to go, you didn’t listen though
Now what do we do?
I couldn’t wait
It’s gotten late
The cooking pot is boiling hot
“Please help me”
But my screams and pleas
Just fall on deaf ears
At this rate I’d rather burn all it up
If this is a dream I’ve really had enough
Not a single breadcrumb left to follow,
Can’t I just give in to sorrow?
Goodbye, my happy little bluebird
Goodbye, I guess these are my last words
There’s no point in living a lie
So let’s keep wandering around, until we die
I want it all to end
I can’t walk on
what can I do my friend?
Somewhere beyond this page,
A happy end waits

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