Sunday, May 26, 2013

Romeo Translyrics

Romeo-Len Kagamine
Music &Lyrics: Kurozumi-P (くろずみP )
Translation References: yorokondesuru, and kisekikui

Why couldn’t I have read this Romeo and Juliet in English class?  Instead of making bad decisions to make the reader mad, this Romeo seems to be aware of the fact Shakespeare is an [insert bad word I can’t type] and setting them up to die.  However this tragic scenario might as well reflect perfectly my sentiments about another tragic scenario (in my mind) Kurozumi-P the composer of this song has (for reasons I don’t know) deleted both his youtube, niconicodouga, twitter account, and blog.  I assume it’s because he is retiring from making vocaloid music.  This new development makes me extremely sad because I really do love his music, however I also respect his decision because making this music can’t be easy.  However these next few days in honor of his retiring/hiatus/him I’ll be making translyrics to his songs.  Although he's deleted his videos there are still reprints on youtube here's a link to a playlist of his songs: Also note I had to add a bunch of stuff to make the lyrics fit, however I wasn't working from the most reliable translations, however I tried to add references to the original play in my lyrics so I hope it's okay. 

The comedy we defend was really a tragedy in the end
Can we laugh so foolishly, being led like this blindly?
If we could find through laughter our own “happily ever after”
Even if it was false hope, I could try to cope

You smile at the sky, don’t you ever want to just cry?

 Inside our tragic scenario
The future both you and I saw
I’ll always try to protect you
How could I ever bear to lose you?
But it seems that we’re bound
With no warning, they resound
I guess these chimes will end our lives,
But our demise comes as no surprise
But I’m glad within our mad choice,
The last sound I hear is your voice

I was always alone, the pain I felt was all I’d known
How can you love me, when I’m drowned in misery
The name I’ll shout out, will echo then die out,
Will our love go the same way?  Or is that too cruel to say?

My tears blur the sky, don’t you ever wonder why?

My weakness is despair, but when you are there
I see hope is never lost; I’m willing to pay the cost
I watch it scatter in the night, that tiny little spark of light
I held it close with all my might; I’ll watch it until I lose sight
And so these chimes that will end our lives
Stop my tears and all my cries

Inside our tragic scenario
The future both you and I saw
Even if we are both lonely, we’ll remember our story
Even if there’s no tomorrow “parting is such sweet sorrow”
We can no longer pretend, we’re not approaching the end
The chimes of our demise ring, our hearts will soon be stopping
Although this ending is hardly fair, we’ll always be the “star crossed” pair

Please smile one last time, please just one last time

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